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Paolo Prossen directs and realizes visual concepts for brand identities, corporate literature and spatial design projects.


Alfie Browns


In Italy a history of fine dressmaking, steeped in a rich tradition of textile production, combined with skilled artisans for specialist creation in leather, silk and jewelry is inherent. Italian fashion is a lifestyle and a tradition. The art of fashion was not only invented here, but still lives on in every day life today.

Alfie Browns’ fashion, founded 1923 in Florence, Italy, incorporates the very aspect of Italian nonchalance, the ease and effortless way of looking elegant yet casual and cool. No wonder as its founder Alfie Browns, an Italian - British couturier and socialite established its roots almost 100 years ago when dressing Italian stars and influencers in his Tuscan label. 

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G. Menabrea e Figli


Menabrea is the oldest active brewery in Italy.

A top premium brewery, given the melding of three elements: An original beer recipe, quality raw materials and an inherent beer culture.

The use of the ingredients from the traditional recipe has proven to be a winning combination.
As well as the modernisation of the historic brewery allowing continued production in the original location, we benefit from the waters of the Biella Alps. Perfect waters from the organoleptic point of view blend with the "noble hops" of Hallertau in Bavaria together with the yeast strain, the malt of Vitry-le-François, in the heart of the Champagne region are all carefully selected by our skilled brewmaster. A selection made with the knowledge and passion of all those whose daily work is the creation of Birra Menabrea.

Menabrea @ Little Italy Singapore
Menabrea @ Little Italy Singapore

Pastificio G. di Martino



Gragnano pasta has over 500 years of history behind it. Today's Pastificio G. Di Martino is built on the history of a family rooted in their territory and traditions and driven by genuine devotion and irrepressible passion. This translates into hard work, craftsmanlike precision, insistence on quality, perseverance against the odds, brilliant intuition and technological innovation that always cares about people and the environment.


As in all stories, that of the Di Martino family too has its heroes, starting with the progenitor of three generations of pasta makers: Giuseppe Di Martino. Due to his family's straitened circumstances, Giuseppe started to learn the secrets of "white gold" production when still a kid. In 1907, at the age of 10, he started work in a pasta factory whose owner had no sons to whom he could hand down his know-how. Giuseppe soon became a "master short pasta maker".

Pastificio di Martino @ Little Italy Singapore
Pastificio di Martino @ Little Italy Singapore

Caffé New York

In the early 1930s Mr. Ugo Incerpi, owner of the Bar New York, bought a coffee roasting machine, in order to be able to offer a special product to the sophisticated clientele visiting the spa town to rest and “take the waters”.

The result? His coffee was so good that, within a short time, word spread and on Sundays people even came from Florence to enjoy “Sor Ugo’s” excellent coffee.

The classic “Caffè New York” brand, with its logo represented by a black woman holding a handful of coffee beans, appeared in the mid 1930s. A redesigned version of this symbol is still used today.

Caffè New York @ Little Italy Singapore
Caffè New York @ New York